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    Hello all,

    I am knew to the group and have a question for anyone who can help me.  I really need the help.

    I am using the i1display studio calibrator from i believe xrite. I have looked and looked and dont know what the hell to use. The current settings i have and used to calibrate and profile my monitor are I believe that i used the default gamma 2.2 and the correction was spectral: lcd quantum dot led (samsung qled q9). what happened when completed and downloaded to my system is now the white has a tint of blue and the complete black area’s are blue (very blue, like if you use photoshop and use the clipping button on the histogram and when you are too black it clips it blue, that is what it looks like).

    So my question is what is the correct settings and correction that I should be using.

    I have a samsung LED , Model: LS22E310HSJ/ZA .  I am using the i1display studio for the calibrator and the DisplayCal software.  The software that comes with the unit does not find the device, even tho the computer knows and shows it installed.

    I am at a loss at what to do.  I am sure that one of the setting if not both are incorrect and when the program is running is telling me to adjust the blue or some other color to much.

    Calibration tab was set to interactive display adjustment checked and the other settings as mesured.  profiling tab was auto optimized i believe when first run and 3d lut was all set to whatever the default was.

    Any help that someone can give me here would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, Steve

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