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    Greg Noelken
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    I have a BenQ SW270C profiled and calibrated with Palette Master Element to a white temperature of 6500K and gamma of 2.2 and saved to a hardware profile saved to BenQ’s OSD.

    I insured the system color profile (Windows 10) was the one generated by PME and ran a “report on calibrated display device”. (I followed the instructions as outlined in DisplayCal forum FAQ.) The results were as follows:


    15:58:37,613 Setting up the instrument
    15:58:37,613 Product Name: i1Display3
    15:58:37,613 Serial Number: I1-19.B-02.337812.11
    15:58:37,613 Firmware Version: v2.28
    15:58:37,613 Firmware Date: 29Jan14
    15:58:37,613 Measured display update delay of 83 msec, using delay of 210 msec & 0 msec ↲
    ↳ inst reaction
    15:58:37,613 Current calibration response:
    15:58:37,613 Black level = 0.2155 cd/m^2
    15:58:37,613 50% level = 25.13 cd/m^2
    15:58:37,613 White level = 110.43 cd/m^2
    15:58:37,613 Aprox. gamma = 2.14
    15:58:37,613 Contrast ratio = 512:1
    15:58:37,613 White chromaticity coordinates 0.3094, 0.3330
    15:58:37,613 White Correlated Color Temperature = 6650K, DE 2K to locus = 8.8
    15:58:37,613 White Correlated Daylight Temperature = 6649K, DE 2K to locus = 5.2
    15:58:37,613 White Visual Color Temperature = 6307K, DE 2K to locus = 8.5
    15:58:37,613 White Visual Daylight Temperature = 6462K, DE 2K to locus = 5.0


    Note color temperature of 6650K.

    The calibration report from PME (attached) yields:

    Target Temperature: 6505K
    Achieved Temperature: 6519

    I also ran a verification measurement report (attached) and the whitepoint is out of tolerance:

    Measured vs. assumed target whitepoint ΔE*00 : 5.3

    I set up the verification as outlined in a previous forum topic (https://hub.displaycal.net/forums/topic/check-a-hardware-calibrated-display-with-dispcalgui-2f51a6cf/)

    I guess what I need to know is, when I’m using the hardware profile/calibration as selected in the BenQ OSD, is my whitepoint 6519K as the PME software verifies, or 6650K as DisplayCal reports?

    Or am I generating the report and verifying in  DisplayCal with the wrong settings.

    The display is new and I’m just trying to find the true profile/calibration. If it’s not as BenQ verifies, I’ll contact them…

    Thanks for any help.


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    Greg Noelken
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    So 2 days ago, 6/20/20, I decided to forego the Palette Master Element Hardware calibration and used only DisplayCal to Profile/Calibrate to Adobe RGB and sRGB profiles.

    The verification reports generated immediately after the profiling are attached. The measured whitepoint at that time was 6494K for the sRGB profile and 6547K for the Adobe RGB profile.

    After running verification measurement reports today for these profiles the measured whitepoint is now 6346K for the sRGB profile and 6379K for the Adobe RGB profile. I’ve also attached these profiles.

    Running the Tools->Report->Report on calibrated device at the same time today also verifies the low whitepoint values:

    09:29:47,872 Setting up the instrument
    09:29:47,872 Product Name: i1Display3
    09:29:47,872 Serial Number: I1-19.B-02.337812.11
    09:29:47,872 Firmware Version: v2.28
    09:29:47,872 Firmware Date: 29Jan14
    09:29:47,872 Measured display update delay of 90 msec, using delay of 220 msec & 0 msec ↲
    ↳ inst reaction
    09:29:47,872 Current calibration response:
    09:29:47,872 Black level = 0.3102 cd/m^2
    09:29:47,872 50% level = 23.64 cd/m^2
    09:29:47,872 White level = 107.79 cd/m^2
    09:29:47,872 Aprox. gamma = 2.19
    09:29:47,872 Contrast ratio = 348:1
    09:29:47,872 White chromaticity coordinates 0.3150, 0.3317
    09:29:47,872 White Correlated Color Temperature = 6366K, DE 2K to locus = 4.9
    09:29:47,872 White Correlated Daylight Temperature = 6368K, DE 2K to locus = 0.3
    09:29:47,872 White Visual Color Temperature = 6200K, DE 2K to locus = 4.7
    09:29:47,872 White Visual Daylight Temperature = 6359K, DE 2K to locus = 0.3

    To me, it seems like a rather large variance between the 2 measurements in just 2 days. I would think that the white point should remain stable.

    Is this variance normal or is the display not working properly?

    I’ve also attached screenshots of the settings used to profile/calibrate/verify the sRGB profile in case it helps.

    I should mention that I’m strictly a hobbiest photographer, but am attempting to insure I have a display that is profiled and calibrated properly and is working properly. And that the display I purchased is reliable.

    Thanks for any assistance.

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