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    I’m trying to calibrate my display to D65 160cd/m² in sRGB.

    The verification report shows the ‘Display profile whitepoint’ as 6592K, but in the calibration tab i explicitly set a target whitepoint of 6500K. Then as a result of 50K rounding, the ‘Assumed target whitepoint’ is 6600K. I’ve tried lots of different settings with no results. How do I actually calibrate my display to D65? I’ve attached the verification report, is my calibration usable?

    I’m using a Surface Book 2 13.5, and calibrated using the following settings:

    Instrument: i1 DisplayPro
    Correction: Matrix: i1 DisplayPro & Panasonic TDM13O56 (i1 Pro 2)

    Interactive display adjustment: OFF
    Whitepoint: 6500K
    White level: As measured
    Tone curve: Gamma 2.2
    Calibration speed: Low

    Profile quality: High
    Testchart: Auto-optimized 3446

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    That does not matter. Laptop’s white point calibration is limited by the lack of precision in GPU LUT. Given this limitation all seems fine in your report, only 10% of unique grey levels were lost.
    If still in doubt calculate color distance between measured wp vs D65.

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