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    I work with two side-by-side LG 31MU97 monitors. I have done a number of calibrations over the years with everything from ColorMunki, to Spyder5, to lately an Xrite iDisplay Pro using Display Cal. I can get these monitors matching pretty close, but they have always had a difference in the gray tones. One is slightly green and one is slightly magenta from one another. One of these may be closer to “correct” but it’s hard to tell. No calibration has been able to detect the difference between these two units and I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for this.

    For example, It’s super noticeable in any app that has a “dark mode” where most of the UI is dark gray, and I drag the UI from one window to another.

    Thank you in advance!


    Алексей Коробов
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    1. What are black luminance levels of both displays (in cd/m2)?
    2. What profile type do you use (XYZLUT+mtx or other)?
    3. What colorimeter correction do you use?
    4. Have you tuned up white point in display menu at the first process stage to the same color temperature and luminance?
    5. Do you still own ColorMunki, can you get it again, or i1Pro i1Pro 2, that is much better?

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    LG 31MU97 is one of the wost monitors in the market, even lower in quality than Asus. “Non correctable” bad color uniformity (even with uniformity compensation as seen in prad.de) cam play a role here. Center of screen may match but overall color cast in whole screen is different between monitors.

    Low quality monitors may have bad native grey response, try using slower calibration speed with i1d3 in DisplayCAL.
    Also GPU calibration induced banding may cause color cast in some grey tones, use an AMD card or dogelition’s DWM LUT (source: idealized native colorspace, destination: custom profile in native colorspace) to solve this, or try enabling dithering on nvidias.

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    Kuba Trybowski
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    It’s nigh-impossible to perfectly color-match even several units of the same display, as each one is going to display colors in a slightly different way.

    Watch this video:

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