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    Hey, friends,

    I can’t reliably find information regarding the difference between the three devices Calibrite (ex X-rite) offer on sale – Display, Pro and Plus.

    Everywhere I look people recommend i1d3 oem, but that’s not available here and not part of the Calibrite line.

    I was leaning towards the Calibrite Display, as it is the cheapest, but limited by being slower? It also uses different, more basic software, but seeing as I’m looking to use DisplayCal that should be a mute point, no?

    Will the most basic one be a safe bet or do I need the Pro version to be able to calibrate my monitor properly?

    I used a friend’s SpyderX, but I can’t apply any corrections to the calibration, I guess due to the hardware of the Datacolor device.

    Any help welcome! Thanks!

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    display = older colormunki display, no HW calibration support if you have one of those screens.
    (Le Doge tried to bypass this limitation, see his github)

    Pro = old i1DisplayPro, vanilla i1DisplayPro

    Plus = like old i1DisplayPro but certified to HDR brightness. Its unlock code for Xrite SDK should be the same as old vanilla i1DisplayPro OEM.

    If yu plan to have a monitor with HW calibration in near future (<10y), get at least the pro.

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    Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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    A post I made is waiting ‘moderation’.
    Not sure it will be moderated, as Florian seems to have given-up on the forum?
    What the post has is a link to an interesting program I fell over on Github when searching to i1D3 stuff.

    Search for ‘Clone_i1D3’.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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