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    Marek Frankiewicz
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    Hi guys,

    I’ve been using Displaycal to calibrate my external monitor in DaVinci Resolve Studio connected via decklink.  I am also on PC and am using I1 Display Pro. So, a year ago (perhaps it was still Windows 10) I was able to connect to my measuring tool using ip (or localhost) and port 2000 , but currently in Windows 11 (if it matters) the connection fails. I know that the tool is working fine, I also know that in the meantime there were many DR updates, whereas the last update of Displaycal was in 2019. Is this still working by you?

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    Marek Frankiewicz
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    I am also confused about Argyll; I cannot find it anywhere on PC, on the other hand I wrote, that when Displaycal cannot detect Argyll, it automatically asks for download, and when I have reinstalled Displaycal it didn’t show up anything…


    Kuba Trybowski
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    DisplayCAL is just a GUI for ArgyllCMS.

    Try the latest version or Argyll (2.3.1):


    1) Extract it.

    2) Go to File > Locate ArgyllCMS executables…

    3) Go to <download location>\Argyll_V2.3.1_win64_exe\Argyll_V2.3.1\bin and click “Select Folder”


    Marek Frankiewicz
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    Hi Kuba, thanks for your answer. I am not sure whether I follow it correctly, but I found in log the location of Argyll and replaced manually all bins inside, now log looks following… However I am still not able to connect to the instrument:  Connection interrupted/failed 🙁

    DisplayCAL.exe 2019-12-14T12:19:18.994Z
    22:32:25,694 Windows 10 Pro Version 2009 Build 22000.1042 x86_64
    22:32:25,694 Python 2.7.16 (v2.7.16:413a49145e, Mar 4 2019, 01:30:55) [MSC v.1500 32 bit ↲
    ↳ (Intel)]
    22:32:25,694 CA file C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayCAL\cacert.pem
    22:32:25,696 Faulthandler 3.2
    22:32:25,776 wxPython 4.0.6 msw (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.0.5
    22:32:25,776 Encoding: cp852
    22:32:25,776 File system encoding: mbcs
    22:32:25,778 Loading C:\Users\Marek\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\DisplayCAL.ini
    22:32:25,779 Lockfile C:\Users\Marek\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\DisplayCAL-apply- ↲
    ↳ profiles.lock
    22:32:25,780 Existing client using port 15411
    22:32:25,780 Lockfile C:\Users\Marek\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\DisplayCAL.lock
    22:32:25,963 Imported existing <module ‘comtypes.gen’ from ‘C:\Program Files ↲
    ↳ (x86)\DisplayCAL\lib\library.zip\comtypes\gen\__init__.pyc’>
    22:32:25,966 Using writeable comtypes cache directory: ↲
    ↳ ‘c:\users\marek\appdata\local\temp\comtypes_cache\DisplayCAL-27’
    22:32:26,117 Starting up…
    22:32:26,282 Audio module: pyglet 1.2.2
    22:32:27,871 Enumerating display devices and communication ports…
    22:32:27,872 C:\Users\Marek\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\dl\Argyll_V2.1.2\bin
    22:32:29,838 ArgyllCMS 2.3.1
    22:32:29,838 Argyll has virtual display support
    22:32:29,838 …ok.
    22:32:29,924 Checking video card gamma table access for display 1…
    22:32:30,275 Verify: ‘test.cal’ IS loaded (discrepancy 0.0%)
    22:32:30,395 …ok.
    22:32:30,397 Initializing GUI…
    22:32:32,257 …ok.
    22:32:32,259 Ready.
    22:32:32,520 Setting up scripting host at

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