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    I have some questions;

    1. is the file that is located in settings based on the downloaded colorimeter corrections for my wide gamut display?

    ~/.local/share/DisplayCAL/storage/HP LP2475w #1 2020-05-29 02-41 2.2 F-S XYZLUT+MTX/HP LP2475w #1 2020-05-29 02-41 2.2 F-S

    What is happening to my second monitor which is a cheaper 1080pHDTV, I am not using extended screens so I assume Ubuntu Studio is loading a standard sRGB profile.

    2) Every software seems to use color profile differently; Cinelerra (video editor) doesn’t seem to use 3dLUT or have a standard colorspace yet?  I assume I can just use my screen’s default profile.   Krita,  Gimp and other photo editors can use fuller RGB profile.  It seems that for output to the web, and for viewer’s screens sRGB full scale in gamma 2.2 seems to be recommended (rather than gamma 2.4 as with REC709).

    Should I be creating second profile in sRGB or making a new profile with 3D LUT  (rec709) and setting the gamma to 2.2?  Seems like that will be the second most useful after my widegamut profile?

    I notice that if I switch settings to sRGB that I will have to readjust my screen’s RGB settings or switch to sRGB mode, I am not if this is ideal, can anyone advise best approach for working with photo and video?


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    Hello again,

    I think I solved my own questions!

    I reviewed the documentation and figured out that a current, standard or previous .icc file can be used in ”settings”.

    In  Ubuntu Studio 20.04 there is now a color profile loader for each screen.

    I understand now that a profile is for the graphics card to be able to interpret my screen as acurrately as possible based on that screens characteristics and then for each color managed program, I can add the profile as well.

    After fiddling around my final profile was set to 2.2 with ambient light measurement, with a color correction chart for  my wide gamut monitor and spyder pro4 (ipro1, munki), 3dLUT set to rec709 (gamma 2.4), the rest was kept to the defaults.  I got pretty good results with standard verification chart,  white point was ok, and only 2 dark blues went to ΔE 3-4 which supposedly is common with spyder devices.  The gamma was a little off;  at low %s (left side of the graph)  and the RGB Gray Balance was a little all over the place on the graph as well.

    Not sure if this is due to it being an older monitor or still something that could have been done in the calibration?

    I’d like to mark this as SOLVED!

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