Confused with how to use 3DLUT with Reshade correctly.

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    mat a
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    Sorry for the double posting, I know that the topic has been covered by Florian but I am still confused… Steps that have completed:

    1- I have calibrated my monitor with my  device.

    2- I have then created a 3D LUT by enabling the 3DLUT, applied it globally and saved it. (I get a message warning me about not calibrating my monitor with “black point compensation” (in the “profiling tab”)? I get a warning when creating my 3D LUT.

    3- I have installed reshade

    4- In the “texture” folder of reshade, I have pasted the newly created LUT and renamed/ overwitten the old LUT (the one that comes with Reshade)

    5- I have created an exclusion in DisplayCal loader

    6- I have modified the LUT.fx in the “shader folder” to 64×64 from 32×32

    6- I load the game, reshade and apply the LUT

    I feel like I am mixing things up…

    Could someone kindly help?

    Thank you


    Za-zaam Flash
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    hello mat a,

    IDK if anything has to be replaced and/or renamed. It was working for me with the *.fx in the shader folder and the *.png file in the texture folder of said app where reshade is installed no renaming or replacing unless updating texture *.png then just replace that texture whilst *.fx is not moved. Even better than reshade LUT for color is that  ledoge/dwm_lut.


    mat a
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    Thank you for your reply. It is working now.

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