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    Steven Tyrer
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    Hi, Have searched for this problem with no luck.

    I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2 and DisplayCal and a Spyder3. Calibration went well but when it came to instaling the new profile I get this error.

    Thanks  Steven

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    Steven Tyrer
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    Problem sorted by instaling “colord-kde”



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    Could you be please more specific about how installing colord-kde fixed your problem?
    Are you now configuring the profile using colord-kde?

    I think I’m facing the same issue. I suspect it’s also related to some issue with colord but I haven’t figure out how to solve it yet.

    Thank you


    Steven Tyrer
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    Looking at “device colour profiles” under “Settings/Devices” it was not possible to see the new icc profile created by DisplayCal; checking home/.local/share/icc the new profile was present. So after some thought and a bit of research on the net, I realised that the “colord” program was not working correctly under Ubuntu 18.04 and that “colord-kde” was okay. So used “Synaptic Package Manager” install “colord-kde” re-booted and the new “icc” profile is visible and selectable in  “device colour profiles”. I am still using DisplayCal to calibrate my screen.

    Hope this helps



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    Could you please check If you get something when you run “colormgr get-devices”? I’m running an older LTS (16.04)
    I’m using i3wm and I do not have a “complete” desktop environment..
    I suspect that in my case there is some component missing that kde and gnome have that tells colord what devices are available.

    Thanks for your help


    Steven Tyrer
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    Hi I get this

    Object Path: /org/freedesktop/ColorManager/devices/xrandr_LG_Display_steven_1000
    Owner: steven
    Created: March 2 2019, 01:12:23 PM
    Modified: March 2 2019, 01:12:23 PM
    Type: display
    Enabled: Yes
    Embedded: Yes
    Model: 2099
    Vendor: Lenovo
    Serial: unknown
    Seat: seat0
    Scope: temp
    Colourspace: rgb
    Device ID: xrandr-LG Display
    Profile 1: icc-d2e9754219d53cbaf41ca488b03fa25a
    /home/steven/.local/share/icc/LP156WF1-TLC1 #1 2019-03-01 22-07 0.3136x 0.3301y sRGB VF-S XYZLUT+MTX.icc
    Profile 2: icc-9077e3739244fe39fd2e39d931b88ad2
    /var/lib/colord/icc/LP156WF1-TLC1 #1 2018-09-04 12-55 0.3136x 0.3301y sRGB VF-S XYZLUT+MTX.icc
    Metadata: XRANDR_name=LVDS-1
    Metadata: OutputPriority=primary
    Metadata: OwnerCmdline=/usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-color
    Metadata: OutputEdidMd5=9c218a4a2ba87c8b1bc783cdeb802643

    Hope it helps



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    It tells me that for some reason everyone else get a list of devices while I don’t 😛
    I’m trying now using kde but nothing is changing even after installing colord-kde
    If I got it correctly colord-kde is not a substitute of colord (which is the service that takes care of color management on linux) it looks more like a client or a set of utils allowing kde to talk to colord

    My hypothesis is that in your case installing colord-kde installed also some other dependency/component that was missing.
    Right now I’m giving a look at this article about color management on kde. seems a bit updated (besides that the gui in my case is a bit different) but I noticed that from the display settings the color management was disabled in my system.
    I had to first to disable the compositor, change the rendering backend to OpenGL 3.1 (before  it was Xrenderer) before being allowed to enable the color correction.

    Unfortunately this has not been enough.. I’m still unable to install the profile or to query colord configuration using the tool colormgr.

    I hope someone with better understanding on how color management works on linux will be able to help me investigating what’s wrong in my system configuration.

    Thanks anyway!

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