Can I use Wacom X-Rite Color Manager with displaycal?

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    Found this, it is similar as i1 display pro, but.. another) can I use it without any problems?

    i1Display Pro on Amazon  
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    It’s an i1d3… the same device as i1displaypro, but different unlocking code. Latest versions of ArgyllCMS can use it.

    But… before you buy it you must know that Wacom i1d3 is just for use with propiertary i1Profiler-like hardware calibration solution fror Wacom, similar to those ones from Dell or Viewsonic but Dell or Viewsonic software work with retail i1d3… and AFAIK Wacom wants you to pay TWICE for the device if you already have it, AFAIK Wacom software just works with Wacom’s i1d3, an unnaceptable policy IMHO. Check Wacom FAQ about this device and software.
    IDNK but it is possible that since Wacom i1d3 have different unlock code it will refuse to calibrate with HW propietary solutions like the ones from NEC, Eizo, Dell, Benq, Viewsonic… etc for monitors with hardware calibration. So if you have a monitor with HW calibration and a Wacom Cintiq with HW calibration you may be forced to buy TWO devices, a retail i1d3 compatible with monitor and Wacom’s i1d3 for Cintiq software.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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