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    I was wondering if anyone could offer the best DisplayCal settings to calibrate my Dell 15 5577 laptop monitor. I have been using the default settings so far, but not sure if that’s giving me the best results. I am using the Spyder  5 Elite instrument. My laptop monitor info is as follows:

    LCD Backlight Technology
    LED backlight
    Widescreen Display
    Monitor Features
    TFT Technology
    Diagonal Size (metric)
    39.487 cm
    Display Resolution Abbreviation
    Full HD

    I have read the manual but I am still very confused about a lot of settings and I am no expert in calibration software. I do a lot of photo editing using light room and Photoshop and also a lost of video editing using Davinci Resolve so I want to have the best color calibration for my monitor so I can accurately color correct my footage and photos.

    Thanks so much for any advice or help!!


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    IDNK which display is that.
    -Measure 255 color in R, G & B, check color coordinates, no correction
    -close to sRGB? White LED IPS correction / WLED / White LEd / whatever name in Datacolor naming system = common LED sRGB display
    -more saturated than sRGB coordinates? put them here so people can guess LED type.


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    I searched the display type awhile back and determined it was a White LED back lite display so that is what I have been using in selecting the type.  I am attaching screen shots from the last profile I ran from the profile info tab and maybe that will have the info that you needed me to provide. Let me know if you need any other info to help determine the best settings. Thanks so much for the reply

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    Yes, typical TN 50-60% sRGB White LED. There is nothing you can do about colors. Maybe you want or you can try another whitepoint than native like closest daylight white to native, D65 or a cooler white (but white). That way it can look better for office work

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