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    I am very new to display calibration and just started to use  Displaycal with a Spyder 3 device a week ago. When looking at the default ICC profile of the display the sRGB coverage is good a bit above that but when calibrated it gets down to around 80-85% coverage. I observe the same when calibrating my mid 2010 Macbook Pro 13´´ screen.

    I want to calibrate to get accurate colors both viewing on display and print. My target calibration settings are: White point: 6500k, white level: 120 cd/m2 and Gamma 2.2

    Starting from factory reset. When the interactive display adjustment pops up on the screen for my monitor calibration I do adjust the RGB sliders on the monitor and the brightness to get the bars aligned with the marked position.

    Could the custom WP mess up the gamut coverage display´s ICC profile? I measured the lowest native WP for the display to be around 7400k.

    I appreciate any advice.


    Florian Höch
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    if the whitepoint target requires a strong adjustment of either monitor controls or videoLUT (or both), then this can result in a reduced gamut. If this is undesirable, calibrate to the native whitepoint (“As measured”).

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