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    I’m trying to calibrate my LG OLED TV (old model, 1080p) for watching movies from my media player (Dune HD). In order to hardware calibrate it I choose to buy the BMD bidirectional 12G converter to serve as a LUT box. In order to get reference test patterns from the Resolve I  bought the BMD mini monitor (non 3G) which I connected to my MacBook. The first time I’ve tried to calibrate i connected the converter with the mini monitor and ran the calibration procedure for 3D LUT. I turned out that when I import the LUT in the converter the screen gets green cast. The solution I figured out is to set the SDI 4:4:4 in Resolve setting ON. It made the picture normal looking. I think the problem is with YCbCr conversion. It looks like that LUT only operate properly when the signal is RGB full or limited.

    My biggest confusion is with getting settings right. The settings I tried are:

    TV settings:

    Brightness: 30

    Contrast/ Brightness set to default

    Color/Hue default

    Gamut set to wide

    Video level set to low

    Resolve settings:

    Levels set to video

    DisplayCal settings:

    Settings: Resolve 1886, Rec 709

    White drift compensation: on

    Correction: OLED B6

    White, Black and Gamut set to as measured

    XYZ LUT+ matrix

    VCGT: on

    Input, output settings: 235-235

    Cube size: 33

    Verification: Still can’t understand which are the correct settings.

    BMD bidirectional 12g set to video levels

    I will be thankful if you can give  some kind of a workflow. I get very red red measurements after I done a verification. Thanks

    I apologize for my English. It’s not my native language. Have a great day/night!


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    Wife has packed the charger for my camera and isnt sure which box its in.. So Im out unless I can find it today 😛

    Edit: found it :-

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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