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    I am new to DisplayCal and struggling a bit to understand it all.  Yes! I have read the documentation. But maybe I’m just dumb.

    Can anyone tell me how exactly to read the results?  Was it a good calibration or not? I don’t want to go into crazy deep detail.  I just want to know if I’ve gotten things horribly wrong or not.

    My newly created profile is attached, but I have no idea how to read all that info, or those graphs.  And I was under the impression that a delta E of less than 2 was good.  76 seems really high.

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    1- Make sure you use the proper spectral correction if you use an i1displaypro colorimeter, or a suitable correction for other colorimeters. For EW3270U it is bundled in DisplayCAL 1nm WLED PFS phosphor 95% P3 (there is also a 1nm created by an user wity a JETI and uploaded to community database)

    2- Make sure that if you want a display profile + GPU calibration meant to be used in “desktop”, read about your OS limitations if they apply (Win:  no color management in desktop, macOS: due to Apple’s faulty color management use default profile settings)

    Now you calibrate and profile for desktop or Resolve use or whatever are your needs.
    Your screenshot is a summary, not a proper verification.

    If you want to verify is calibration is ok and ALSO if profile matches display, run a measurement report, the tab at the right. Use a testchar, and if you want to verify what I wrote DO NOT check simulatuion profile or use simulation profile as display profile. In the end you’ll end with an HTML file wth a report.
    Choose in the upper combo in the rport RGB + gray balance. Typical things to look for:
    -contrast / luminance
    -assumed white point vs measured white point: if white is “white” or not. If you chose a white point by visual match or by specific color coordinates (booth for printing with certain paper), skip this.
    -profile whitepoint vs measured whietpoint: if you validate a DisplayCAL profile they shluld match, otherwise you changed something in OSD
    -greys, individual: max error against reference
    -greys, range: max color distance between a grey and another.
    -“Evaluate gray balance through calibration only” : evaluate greys against perfect neutral grey to the whitepoint in the individual or range test.

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    Sometimes profile itself has some information but if you use a highly idealized profile by your choosing or by OS limitations (macOS), that information is gone, you need to run a measurement report.

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