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    Hi there,

    I was hoping that someone could help me with a definitive answer to the question over which settings to use when calibrating a SmallHD monitor.  Specifically I own the Focus5 and the Focus7.

    It would be great if someone can either confirm that I’m doing the right thing or tell me what I should be doing so that this post can hopefully serve as a straight-forward guide for anyone looking to do this in the future.

    I already own an i1DisplayPro which I use to calibrate my grading monitor through a BlackMagic Decklink 4k card so I figured I could use a similar process on my SmallHD’s.

    I know that on the monitor I should disable the calibration LUT and I’ve been dialing the backlight level down to 0%.  Beyond that I’m not 100% sure of which DisplayCal settings to go with and so far have been using the Resolve preset.

    Specifically I’ve been using the following.

    Display & Instrument

    Display: Resolve

    Instrument: i1 Display Pro

    Mode: LCD (Generic)

    Correction: Auto (None)


    Interactive Display Adjustment: Checked

    Whitepoint: Chromaticity coordinate (set automatically when using Resolve preset)

    White Level: As measured

    Tone curve: As measured


    Profile quality: High

    Test chart: Auto-optimized

    3D LUT

    Source colorspace: Rec709 ITU-R BT.709

    Tone curve: Rec. 1886

    Rendering intent: Absolute colorimetric with whitepoint scaling

    3D LUT file format: IRIDAS (.cube)

    Input encoding: Full range RGB 0-255

    Output encoding: Full range RGB 0-255

    3D LUT resolution: 33x33x33

    I have had a look around elsewhere and struggled to get a clear answer so apologies if this has been repeated and I’ve missed something.  Thanks in advance for the help!

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