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    Can DisplayCAL and a color calibrator such as Spyder5 be used to help modify the settings of a display to get better colors with apps that are not color managed? Specifically I want to get the most from my DLP Projector (BenQ HT1085ST) when using applications like PowerDVD 19 Ultra and Netflix Windows Store app, but both do not support color management. I have a Spyder5ELITE and the DataColor software doesn’t seem to do what I want. I haven’t tried DisplayCAL yet.

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    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    Yes. DisplayCAL can do the “calibration” step which consists of a white balance and gamma calibration and this calibration is stored in your PC’s GPU’s gamma tables which will affect all output from the PC for any program.

    When you do the calibration on the projector, make sure you adjust the R,G,B “Gain” controls under the white balance settings in the BenQ during the step where DisplayCAL asks you to balance the R,G,B bars. Don’t touch the R,G,B “Offset/Bias” controls in the same BenQ menu, only the “Gain”.

    The “profiling” step where DisplayCAL creates the ICC profile is not going to be useful for you do you can turn that step to the minimum number of patches so it goes faster.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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