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    D-Tritus (@d-tritus)
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    Hello guys,

    i calibrated two of my new monitors and tested them too. The results are here:

    one is a Dell tn panel and the other one is a acer ips panel.  Im not very skilled in intreprating what i see in this calibration reviews.

    -1. I need to know that the white temperatur is ok (6500k) cause it seems that the white esp of the acer is litte bit to yellow. The dell looks better not that yellow teint…

    -2. Are the gammacurves ok? Cause have the feeling the acer is to dark (changing brighness does not change anything) its like a dark tint that makes the picture to dark. I knwo it has something to do with the gammasettings. Could it be that i have  a wrong feeling about the brightness of the picture cause most tn panels are to bright?

    -3. It looks like that the colours of the acer are more accurate than the dells. Lot of colours i would say yes but esp in red/orange colours the acer seems to be oversaturated orange seems to red. Esp at pictures of faces u can see it. The dell seems little bit to washed out but the acer, the faces looks to red for me. With blue pictures i have the same problem. Blue colours have a turquoise tint watter and the sky have a  strong turquoise touch. Are their problems with that 2 colours with the acer? Hope u can check the 2 reports and can say to me that i have just a strange feeling or their are some rly problems with the acer.

    Have to decide which one i have hold. The Dell tn has a washedout touch and some colours are not so strong like the acer ones but in blue and red colours (and white too) i have the feeling they are more realistic at the tn panel of the dell. Also the dell is brighter (shadows are not so dark) the picture seems to be better illuminated. Hope u understnad what  i mean.

    some explanations would be great. ty guys.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    the Acer report looks fine, but the Dell seems to have drifted a fair bit since it was profiled.

    Are the gammacurves ok?


    It looks like that the colours of the acer are more accurate than the dells.

    Yes, the Acer has a higher quality IPS type panel.

    Also the dell is brighter (shadows are not so dark) the picture seems to be better illuminated.

    This is an effect of the TN panel which is very viewing angle dependent. It usually tends to brighten up dark areas if you are not looking at it perfectly perpendicular. It is one of the reasons TN panels are not suited for color critical work.


    D-Tritus (@d-tritus)
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    Hi Florian ty for fast response.

    yes the brightness of the tn panel depneds on the viewingangels thats true but its more than that ist a general brighter picture and dark palces are better illuminated. I was looking in the web what is the reason for this and found answers it depends on the gamma level. If i use the the 1.8gamma preset of the acer dark scenes are also brighter (not just brighter also not so many detailes are lost in the dark, some websites say higher gammalvl gives pictures a higher depth and shows so dark more ). So i have just som short questions:

    1. Why the assuming whitepoint is at 6400 not 6500 as chosen in the programm
    2. Is it possible to force a cooler whitepoint so the display shows a less browner white (also grey looks to brown and “cooler” monitors i testet before have  a better grey and white)
    3.  Is it possible to make the acer litte bit brighter (as spoken in the first sentens) so its brighter than gamma 2.2 but not washed out as 1.8 think 2.0 would bee a sweetspot is their any way to calibrate monitor in this way?
    4. About the red faces. Readed that yellow faces are a problem of wrong gamma (for example in the direction of 1.8 it becomes more yellow) but faces at 2.2 gamma looks litte bit to red for me, hard to explain. Saw here also other threads with that problem. Maybe with a balanced gamma of 2.0 faces looks litte bit more realistic.
    5. Are u from germany? 🙂
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