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    Hi, I’am planning to buy a X-rite i1Display Studio to calibrate my displays (PC monitor and TV) and my question whould be is it possible with the i1Display studio  and without buying 150$ software? 99/100 calibration guide videos show how i can set the whitebalance and they have the colorprofile loaded into the PC and thats it. Its fine for the PC monitor but…

    But for media I use nVidia Shield TV Pro (plex on it) as a source to my smart HDR Television (Sony X900f) (1000 nit limit is fine for me), my idea whould be to connect my PC or laptop to the TV via HDMI and calibrate it, but is it possible to do it manually adjusting the colors/contrasts and so on? and even for HDR10 maybe DolbyVision?

    I just can’t find any information about this topic.

    Thanks in advance!

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    HCFR (or propietary/paid equivalent) & maybe a raspberry pi patch generator for TV.

    If you do not buy the “pro” version you’ll loose HW calibration capabilities which are more common in entry/mid/high range monitors (vendro free software) and TVs (usually paid propietary software).
    Also the munkidisplay/i1displaystudio is slower. For HCFR it not should be an issue but if you want to create detailed LUT3D (for LeDoge’s DMWLUT or madVR) it wil take a huge amount of time while the pro may measure 1k patches for profiling in ~30min (depending on contrast)

    Used with ArgyllCMS/DisplayCAL/HCFR accuracy should be the same or very close so purchase muts be driven by your budget, speed and HW calibration features, not accuracy between several i1d3 models.

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