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    tung.pham (@tung-pham)
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    Okay, I know it sound suck, but seriously, while running the calibration service, I met more than enough of clients who want to match their screen with their phones.

    Most of the time, I will use the basic settings of Temp 6500K, 120-140cd/m2, gamma 2.2, but I received a lot of questions from the clients. Recently, most studio and/or photographers here in my city stated that their clients just view their photos on their phone, not the printed one, so they want to match their monitor with the most populated one, iPhone. So far, I tried to use 5000-5500K for that, but wonder if there is a matched settings specifically for that purpose?

    Also another problem with convicing them that gg browser, Chrome and its variant, and Windows Photo don’t support color profile properly.  When I asked them to use Firefox, they are pretty much ignored my advise and want a color profile which can match LR/Photoshop color with Chrome, photo viewer AND their iphone screen. I suppose such a thing is impossible?

    Thanks for any help, and I beg your pardon about my complaining here.


    Vincent (@vincent)
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    I’m not sure of the color management (if any) present on current or past iphones but a simple walkthrough to “get the same screen” behavior:

    -get a widegamut monitor with HW calibration
    -measure an iPhone old or new with DisplayCAL (i1d3 + suitable CCSS or an i1studio/i1Pro*), get white point, nominal gamma (or full TRC), RGB primaries. Ithink that new ones should have near P3 primaries, near 2.2 gamma and a cold blue but white 7000+K CDT… but measure them.
    -calibrate monitor with monitor vendor software to that  target (WP, RGB primaries…etc), choose as profiling option the simplest profile type (usually default) “matrix”-like.
    -then you should deal with with color mamagement present in iPhone and/or computer browser/viewer.

    On a cheap P3 monitor without HW cal maybe you can use Photoshop softproof to an iPhone profiled remotely (DisplayCAL display: remote webhost, all calibration targets to native/asmeasures, then “profile only” in DisplayCAL) against a profile that captures iPhone display behavior… but I’m not sure if you can run a browser without color management in an iPhone (DisplayCAL remote readings use an internet browser to show patches)
    Softproof option include color managed simulation and raw RGB values at least in Photoshop, I do not remember if raw RGB translation (“peserve RGB numbers”) is available on GIMP or Krita.

    If iPhone display profiling is not available because of color management on iphone browser I think you can take raw readings from ArgyllCMS commandline. Show in an iPhone screen 4 x full screen 255 R,G,B&W patches at P3 & sRGB images (made them with Photoshop or GIMP/Krita). With tjose measures coordinates use “DisplayCAL synthetic profile” to make artificial iPhone-like profiles for sRGB and P3 images. Then softproof with them.

    NEC PAs and some Eizo CGs with LUT3D (no CG2420 or CG2730) should have a functionality to do this sofproofing on the fly without Photoshop, on any OS (since it is written on monitor).
    They are not cheap … but if you want arbitrary gamut emulation for several mobiledisplays on the fly these models are exactly what you want.

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