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    Nicolas Andrade
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    Just got off the phone with portrait displays and they mentioned that the new c6 meters do not work with any other software other than calman. Is this true? I wanted to invest in a probe but calman is out of my budget. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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    I see an unlock code for C6 in ArgyllCMS:

    { "i1Display3 ", { 0xc9bfafe0, 0x02871166 }, i1d3_disppro, i1d3_sc_c6 },

    with munki display (=i1dsiplay studio), i1d3 pro retail, i1d3 pro oem (= revB retail), i1d3 wacom, i1d3 NEC, i1D3 for HP, i1d3 for quatto. The only one missing is Viewsonic i1d3 verison but … who is going to buy that?

    Also I see no reason to but C6 version of i1d3. C6 in Calman has the advantage over other retail i1d3 pro to use some “CCSS/EDR”-like corrections that are only unlocked if C6 is detected… but you have MORE of them in Displaycal colorimeter correction database AND Calman has a 3×3 manual matrix correction input, so it is possible to obtain (with some matrix calculation work based on Aryllcms debug data) a 3×3 matrix XYZ->XYZ for EVERY CCSS in Displaycal colorimeter database, and then use that 3×3 matrx in calman.

    Also some HW calibration solutions may reject C6 as its unlock code is different from retail or OEM i1d3.

    If you also say that you do not plan to buy a Calman license, then is ZERO reasons to buy a C6, get a retail i1display pro.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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