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    Hi all,

    I bought an Xrite i1 Display Studio yesterday and I set up my new monitor and that looks pretty good to me but I was able to adjust the Red, Green and Blue channels in the monitor’s OSD to get the coloured bars at the right level which helped a considerable amount. On my laptop screen, however, I can’t do that and just using the laptop preset (as well as any others), it goes through the process and still has this ugly green cast that I have been able to get rid of just by using the Windows calibration tool by eye.

    The thing is, the little readout at the end of the calibration gives good gamut readings and, oddly, pretty good Delta-E readings when I can tell it’s way off which throws into doubt the quality of the calibration of my external monitor if it can’t tell how far off that screen is.

    I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong with the setup but I’ve been following guides and I seem to be doing it right. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Thats to be expected with a colorimeter. They may read white points differently but relative to WP they are more accurate and faster that spectrometers especially near black. So a user doesn’t notice until they start using multiple monitors.

    Getting around the WP mismatch involves loading spectral corrections for each display. If your desktop display is a popular model you might find an exact match in the database. If not you can choose a suitable generic correction for that displays panel type. The same applies for the laptop display but an exact correction will be less likely to find. If available corrections aren’t getting you closer you can chose one display as a reference and set the WP visually on the other display while setting WP to “as measured” in DisplayCal.

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    -missing or wrong spectral correction for display

    -target whitepoint too far from laptops native whitepoint, choose a daylight white target closer to native or as MW suggested native.

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