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    I have recently purchased a BENQ SW271 and have opted to check and recalibrate it with DisplayCAL.

    As it displayed a green tint out of the box I decided to check/recalibrate.

    After calibration the end report shows that it covers only 90% of the sRGB and AdobeRGB Colourspace.

    Any ideas what might be happening.

    The monitor is set to AdobeRGB via the monitor’s OSD.

    Using an old Colormunki DISPLAY.



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    EDIT: I am waiting on a Pallete Master Element verified Colorimeter which might solve the issue (I hope) since the monitor enables in monitor hardware profile loading.


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    -As you implied you’ll need an i1displaypro in order to use HW calibration solution that use Xrite SDK like PME. It is a licensing issue. Your colorimeter should be able to measure without issues that backlight. It is not a HW problem, it is a “licensing problem” (non solvable unless you buy the one they want).

    -you need to use proper spectral correction for your i1d3 colorimeter. I do not remember what one uses SW271, somebody wrote it there based on an user made 3nm CCSS available at displaycal colorimeter database. Maybe olde GB-LED (U2413 1nm correction bundled in displaycal)… but check it: go to colorimeter database, find SW271, get CCSS (notCCMX), plot it in displaycal, compare with U2413. If backlight look close I’ll use U2413.

    -PME is even faultier that competitors (Dell’s DUCCS or Viewsonic colorbration). It uses old & unused RGBLED backlight correction for al SW displays and no one of them uses that. That MAY cause a white point error compared to actual display white color coordinates, it depends on how far away from standard observer is your colorimeter (firmware data) in waveleghts where RGB LED backlight is to off compared to actual display backlight spectral poer distribution.
    Also all of these HW cal solutions take too few measuremenst of uncalibrated RGB or grey ramps, hance some grey errors go unnoticed when computing the catual 1024 entry LUT forp grey in monitor… so after calibration you may see grey range issues. Such “fast calibration approach” only works if QC is so good that Display is mostly perfectly neutral on grey uncalibrated (like Eizos or NECs). DisplayCAL measurement report tries fo find them, use RGB+gray balance + additional statistics when viewing report in your web browser.

    -SW271 ***NATIVE GAMUT*** may/should have near 97-99-100% of AdobeRGB. It is expected. Backlight => maximium colorspace
    But maybe “AdobeRGB preset” which is just a calibration with gamut emulation with a lut-matrix-lut or a low cost LUT3D stores wrong values so “AdobeRGB” preset may be not what you want.
    When using DisplayCAL for a widegamut meant for photo/video editing try to use native (full) gamut preset in display.
    I’m afraid that some SW are very limited in this way (some only allows emulated gamuts), one of the many flaws on them and one of the reasons to DO NOT buy a SW display for any kind of serious work: PME issues, no native gamut, uniformity issues or destroyed contrast due to uniofmrity compensation… and so on.

    If DisplayCAL + i1d3 colorimeter + proper CCSS spectral correction for that backlight are used, then gamut volume intersection is accurate… actual results are what you get.

    Consider an Eizo CS2740 which has no issues and should be is only about 200-400 euro more expensive depending on store.

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    Thank you very much for the info. I have tried to follow everything you said and ended up with the following result.

    As far as I can tell this is ok.

    Ended up at 99.5% sRGB and 99.4% ARGB.

    I was able to do the HW calibration at NATIVE GAMMUT

    With the following verification report.

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