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    Matt Hayes
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    Working on Mac + i1display Pro + PME V1.3.12 (and v1.3.8)

    I have ran multiple calibrations using these settings and have gotten poor luminance results every time, along with a failed report (attached)

    Adobe RGB and Panel Native
    Luminance 80, 100, 120
    Matrix and 16-bit
    Large Patch

    This monitor has always seemed to give me some sort of issue every 6 months or so over the past 2 years and somehow I find my way out of it. Any replacement suggestions out there as well?

    Thank you!

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    If OSD is not locked, try to raise manually brightness on OSD. AFAIK Benq has no public SDK like Dell or HP for their widegamut.. so nothing can be done to fix your HW cal even if you have programming skills.

    If you cannot make HW cal to work, move to user / custom OSD presets and calibrate grey in GPU with DIsplayCAL.
    If you need some kind of sRGB/Rec709 emulation, check i it is available on OSD fro user/custom preset or check if there is some kind of 6 axis control (use HCFR or some MS paint patches + Argyll commandline spotread).

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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