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    In order to solve this inconvenience I have for you a simple Autohotkey script.


    1. Install AutoHotkey (included in the .zip).  Other versions may or may not work.
    2. In exclusions.txt list the names of processes you want 1D LUT removal for.
    3. Run LUTremover.ahk

    LUTremover will sit in the system tray.
    If a process in exclusions.txt is detected, the 1D LUT will be removed.
    When the process finishes, the 1D LUT will be restored to its original state.
    A sound will play when the 1D LUT is removed and again when reinstated.

    Download link:


    Florian Höch
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    Note that this won’t work if the DisplayCAL profile loader is set to preserve calibration state. Btw, I might add this functionality (reset video card gamma table if specific process is detected) to the profile loader in a future version.


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    Ah yes I hadn’t thought of that as I was not using your profile loader as I dont’ have any 2D apps that steal the LUT.

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