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    Hi All!

    Long time lurker hoping to not to make a fool of myself with this first post… (hehe)

    So I’ve got a colormunki display / photo pair that I’ve been using for a while in the standard “correct the colorimeter with the spectro, then use the colorimeter to calibrate the display” workflow.

    Perhaps I’m not picky, but I’ve generally had no complaints. Even calibrating wide gamut AMOLEDs have (seemingly) been rather successful. That said, recently I’ve been wondering if I’m not under-utilizing my spectrophotometer?

    Are there any other ways I might be able to use both to improve my calibrations? Maybe refine the calibration profile generated with colorimeter using a, reduced size, second pass with the spectro?

    It’s cool if the answer is “Nope. Keep on trucking”. I’m mostly just curious.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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