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    I won’t expect an SpyderX to be very accurate. Regarding profile type you can choose a bigger patch set for a more accurate capture of actual TRC (after calibration gamma). A single curve  + matrix can or cannot be an accurate description of calibrated display depending on how good display is (a display with good behavior can be described with a matrix to some degree, othrs don’t). Calibrate, validate (no simulation profiles) and if all green, that’s OK, OK for color managed browsers, LR, PS…ect

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    Enrico Gugliotta
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    Thanks for the patience Vincent.

    As I don’t know so much the advanced settings you described in DisplayCAL, seeing that my prints are perfectly matching what I see on my monitor after soft proofing, I think will ignore the fact that on page of my browser I can’t see the P3 color space and leave the thing as they are now.


    Алексей Коробов
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    No. It will be visible with relative, no doubts about that.

    I’ve rebuilt my native gamut profile with PM. You’re right, this red=241 renders like less saturated than red=255, it is displayed wrong but it is visible. I still don’t understand, what happened, my old profile today shows red=241 too. I use the same P3 red logo file that I’d donwloaded before.

    A fun thing is that Ps marks red=241 in P3 image as out-of-gamut when I set P3 as proofing profile. In Lr out-of-gamut marking for display/printer may show different results, I met this many times. Not a precise tool in Adobe.

    Profies from PM/PME are broken for those browsers. Same for i1Profiler derived works…
    Reprofile with matrix+1TRC with no GPU calibration on CAL1/CAL2 and they should work.

    Thank you for this recommendation! I works, it may be practical.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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