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    Hello everyone,

    I want to create a 3D LUT for the Color Viewer in DaVinci Resolve.

    During the calibration process a 1D Lut is created which I want to load with the ICC Profil in MacOS. I unchecked “Apply calibration (vcgt)” in the 3D Lut settings.

    The problem is that MacOS can only use single curve + matrix for the ICC Profil. When creating a 3D Lut I have to set the profil type to XYZ Lut + matrix, however.

    Is there a way, where I can create a single curve + matrix ICC profil for Mac OS (Catalina) and a 3D Lut for the Resolve Color Viewer in one measurement?

    I tried using XYZ Lut + matrix as an ICC Profil, but it didn’t work in most apps (eg. Preview)




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    It was possible at least in older DisplayCAL versions.

    1-Calibrate your display with default settings suitable for macOS desktop.
    Now you have a single curve+matrix bpc profile AND a grey calibration for GPU

    2-Reset DisplayCAL’s calibration tab all to native, so displaycal won’t correct grey, change profile type to a complex XYZLUT with the amount of patches you need.

    3-Now calibrate & profile button should change to “Profile only” or something like that, and when asked check “use current VCGT calibration”.
    So DisplayCAL will just profile you display AS IS, with current grey calibration loaded into GPU.

    4-With complex profile created, just make sure you re-assign the simple “single curve + matrix” to display in OS settings.

    5-Go to LUT3D creator standalone app in DisplayCAL folder, use the typical Rec709 gamma 2.4 (not rec1886) or 2.2 as source, use the new XYZLUT profile as destination, uncheck “apply vcgt” because it remains applied system wide with OS display profile

    … and that should work.


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    Thank you very much Vincent! It worked perfectly with the steps you described. My reference monitor and my color viewer are now finally perfectly matched! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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