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  • You are verifiying a profile against display…. and they do not match:
    Display is to bad to be described by a simple matrix profile (weird, extremely low quality) or your are verifiying an profile in an OSD mode not suited for it, or you change something in OSD bertween profiling and verification.

    This monitor does not have many OSD options, I h…[Read more]

  • Try bundled ( GB-r LED / RG Phosphor correction and check if measured RED 255 moves to more saturated coordinates than what your current profile shows.

    Measured red looks about the same, ΔE 4.78, if I am looking at the correct info?

  • Choose your correction, click “i” and it plots on screen. Capture it.

    ‘Lenovo LCD White LED IPS’ settings and plot on left, LCD PFS Phosphor WLED IPS plot on right  as you mentioned this maybe the setting to use?

    Verification tab, those settings. ON/OFF like a switch.

    All OFF= verify if display matches its asociated profile in OS

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  • Hi Vincent,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Apologies I did not understand some of the abbreviations or suggestions…

    There is a correction file for the P27u that I applied, and I used the Default testchart and calibration speed set to high.

    Which one? Plot it if it’s a CCSS, maybe user who made it did it in the wrong way (non n…

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  • Hi,

    I recently purchased the Lenovo P27u-10 which I am trying to setup as best as possible. This model is classed as wide-gamut (99% Adobe RGB, 97% P3) and comes with a factory calibration report outlining Delta E<2 for the sRGB and AdobeRGB presets. The P27u-10 is connected as a second monitor next to my iMac Retina 5K. OS X settings are…[Read more]

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