#17120 (Bug) Unable to install Argyll drivers

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Component: Argyll USB driver installer (Windows)
Created by BobFalk

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I installed Argyle 2.1.1 and DisplayCal 3.9.  I am using a Spyder5.

When attempting to install ArgyllCML instrumet drivers, I get the following error:
“Multiple Choices https://displaycal.net/Argyll/Argyll_V2.1.1_USB_driver_installer.exe.zip”

I tried browsing to that location and got a 404 error.

I also tried manually installing the driver into Device Manager from the …Argyll_V2.1.1\usb folder, but Device Manager says that the best driver for Spyder5Pro is already installed.

I am unable to get past the first screen because the “Instrument” drop-down is grayed out as is the Calibrate & profile button.

I looked at other issues and tickets regarding Spyder5 but did not find anything with the same error message that I am getting.

Can you help me to get DisplayCAL3 working?  Thanks!  –Bob

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  1. Generally, you have to wait for new Argyll versions to be supported in DisplayCAL. If you use an Argyll version that is newer than the one offered by the autoupdate (i.e. at the time you attempted the driver install, that was 2.1.0_mod), you won’t be able to get an accompanying USB driver installer because it doesn’t exist (yet), as you have found out.

    ArgyllCMS V2.1.1 is now added though, and should be offered for auto-download.

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