#15861 (Bug) Profile with DisplayCal on macOS 10.14 breaks NightShift

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Component: DisplayCAL
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Profiling with DisplayCal breaks the current macOS built in NightShift feature.

Once profiled, a machine will not longer shift the colors to a more ‘yellow/orange/less blue’ look – even when the macOS built in scheduled enablement of that feature is turned on – or when directly manually enabled.

I started a forum post and others have noticed the same – where NightShift is only functional after a system re-install – which points to an issue that is not user specific, but rather affects all users on the system, regardless of their selected monitor profile.

This would seem to indicate that something in the way that DisplayCal interacts with the host system disables NightShift. A preference file? Unsure.

DisplayCAL (application/zip | 2019-02-21 02:35:29)

4 thoughts on “Profile with DisplayCal on macOS 10.14 breaks NightShift”

  1. I have fixed the issue by re-formatting the MacOS of my MacBook Pro and NOT restoring it back from Time Machine.

    After re-installing MacOS, use Migration Wizard to transfer the user home folder back from the Time Machine but not other things (e.g., exclude System Preferences and Applications)

  2. I attempted a re-install of my system from the Recovery HD- without nuking out my user home directory/profile. This didn’t seem to do the trick.

    Switching to a different user profile doesn’t seem to address the issue either.

    That would seem to indicate that the issue isn’t user specific, and requires a clean install of the OS to remediate.

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