#13599 (Bug) Interactive Display Adjustment / White Point

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Component: DisplayCAL
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On the Interactive display adjustment screen (described as calibration  or display calibration), your manual says to adjust the RBG or White point adjustment /  bars (the 3 RGB) bars, but in on my  IMac I can’t do that, your manual also provides no remedy or explanation.

So when using Spyder 5 with an iMac, how do I adjust the RGB bars to center align and if not, this would imply the final “calibration” or “profile” stage would be performed without the prerequisite White Point Adjustment and therefore the final process would not be valid?

Now of course I can indeed do the “White Level” adjustment no problem.

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  1. OK, So I don’t need to worry about manual RGB adjustment and continue and this means during the profile process “white point” assuming this means grey balance is performed?

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