#11564 (Bug) 3xGamma+MTX profile too redish

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.2.2
Created by steelman

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The 3xGamma+MTX profile I’ve created with DisplayCAL is definitely too redish. As far as I can tell it is a problem of the second colprof invocation using the “extracted netutrals and primaries”. When I run colprof manually the way DisplayCAL runs it the first time the profile seems to be fine (pictures displayed with geequie or ImageMagic’s display look more or less OK). The main difference I can spot with iccdump between the profiles, is the value of red gamma. The profile created with DisplayCAL has the rTRC value 3.19921875, while the one I’ve created with a single pass of colprof 2.52343750.

8X9KT-B125XW1 #1 2018-04-15 10-38 S 3xGamma+MTX (application/zip | 2018-04-15 12:39:27)

One thought on “3xGamma+MTX profile too redish”

  1. Hi,

    please update DisplayCAL, this issue is already fixed since version 3.3.2. In general though three separate gamma values are not enough to accurately profile any display. I would recommend using calibration to fix the grayscale, then you can use a single curve profile and probably get somewhat acceptable accuracy.

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