#11040 (Bug) DisplayCal 3.5 with Spyder 5 hangs when creating profile from measurement data

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Component: DisplayCAL
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As stated in the subject, I tried to run a calibration using Spyder 5 and DisplayCal 3.5.
Everything went well until measurements were done and the window with title “Create profile from measurement data…” appeared.
This stopped at 5% spinning the cpu core to 100% but seemingly not progressing, at least for 4-5 hours there was no progress, the window was still stuck with “Not responding…”

Interestingly  in the storage folder I found a .icm file produced, not sure if this is only an intermediate one or would be the final result?

Attached you can find a screenshot and all the log files.

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displaycal hang (image/jpeg | 2018-03-11 17:01:22)
log_folders (application/zip | 2018-03-11 17:01:23)

3 thoughts on “DisplayCal 3.5 with Spyder 5 hangs when creating profile from measurement data”

  1. Hi,

    there’s nothing in the logs that would indicate failure, which is a bit odd. Was the CPU still at 100% after the 4-5 hours? How much RAM does the machine have? Is CPU or RAM (or both) overclocked? How about available disk space?

  2. Regarding CPU core, one out of the 4 cores running displaycal had full load.
    I have 16gb of ram, page file size is also set to 16gb, task manager showed at least 6gb available still.
    Disk space I have around 20gb free.
    I’ve not yet tried to repeat to calibration as it was running quite long, roughly an hour or so, but I applied the icm file I found in the storage folder and actually it does look correct.

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