#11000 (Bug) Displaycal Popup at random intervals: attribute error nonetype has no attribute menuitems

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.5 | Milestone: 3.5.1
Created by Cesar R

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During usage at random intervals (mostly when browsing or using programs such as NERO burning room…)

DisplayCal will by itself popup a new small error screen in the background, upon reviewing the error it displays The following error:

“Attribute error nonetype has no attribute ‘menuitems’ ”

This can trigger consecutive times, then a few hours or even days with no error. Then out of nowhere it will popup again.

This error happens mostly when recently booted Windows (between 1 minute to 5 minutes AFTER fully logged in and all apps have been loaded)

Attempted to remove the error by unistalling, rebooting, then reinstalling. Problem Persists. (prior version to 3.5 worked fine with no errors).


AMD Threadripper 1950X @ 3.925Ghz at 1.225V

4x8Gb DDR4 3066 (Corsair Platinum)

Asus PRIME X399

Nvidia Gigabyte Gaming 1070 G1

NVME  Corsair MP500 500Gb (system Drive)

Crucial MX100 512GB SSD

Seagate 4TB HDD 7200RPM

2x 1440p Monitors ( Dell U2515H, Asus PB258Q , IPS)

Window 10 X64 PRO

DisplayCAL-logs (application/x-gzip | 2018-03-07 06:05:38)

6 thoughts on “Displaycal Popup at random intervals: attribute error nonetype has no attribute menuitems”

  1. This code is only run when you invoke the right-click popup menu of the profile loader system tray icon. Are you using any 3rd party software that hooks into other processes?

  2. Hello!


    The only software that I know that “hooks” into the taskbar is DisplayFusionPro (to handle both my monitors properly).


    I don’t think there is anything else that would hook into the program.


  3. Something is sending WM_COMMAND messages to the profile loader, without the actual menu being the source of those messages (that really shouldn’t happen). Do you use anything that hooks into keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, window messages, etc?

  4. Hmm, the only related software could be 2 culprits based on your description:


    CORSAIR UTILITY. Which pretty much handles the shortcuts or “special keys” of my Corsair K55 keyboard.  The only special commands I’m using, is for the letter ñ and Ñ (alt + code signal) on the programmable keys.  As my keyboard does not have native ñ Key. Other keys are the music buttons, nothing else (this is a very basic keyboard).
    LOGITECH TOOL. I used to have a logitech keyboard, but I unloaded the Keyboard toolset and I only use it to handle my Mouse speed ( Logitech G500s)

    Note that I had no issue until I updated to the latest version of  DisplayCAL. But the only change was the CORSAIR UTILITY.


    Currently I have had no issue so far in the past 2 days (no errors displayed).


    Other software running at same time: Skype, COMODO firewall, CFOSSPEED queuing network software, NOD32 Antivirus by ESET. ORIGIN from EA and STEAM from Valve.


  5. I’ve added a work-around in DisplayCAL 3.5.1 that ignores stray WM_COMMAND messages if the popup menu hasn’t been instantiated.

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