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    Plushka Plushka
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    Found  a spectrophotometer  on sale. The model is CMUNPH.

    If I’m not mistaken it was released in 2001. X-rite website says that software is outdated and i should use the new i1Studio. Will the device work with the Win 10 and new iOS?

    Is it a good model or i1 Display pro is better nowadays?

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    Florian Höch
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    If you can get one cheaper than the other, there is no reason (apart from potentially longer warranty period?) to choose the i1 Studio over the ColorMunki Photo, as they are the exact same hardware.


    Plushka Plushka
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    No, there is a choice between ColorMunki Photo released in 2001 and the new i1 Display (not Studio). Does the ColorMunki Photo still better than the new i1 Display?


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    That munki is a spectrophotometer, the OTHER munki is a slow version of i1DisplayPro colorimeter (without HW calibration support)

    Hence you are comparing a 10nm spectro (1) with a colorimeter (2).
    Apples and Oranges, but if you are asking people on this forum I’ ll buy:
    -both of them
    -i1displaypro & i1pro2
    in this order of increasing budget.

    If you print on your printer you need (1).
    For current displays (2) is faster, read better low light and most current backlight technologes are supported by vendor/community CCSS… so if you can buy ONLY 1 device without knowing more details of what you do, most people will be happier with the i1DisplayPro (2).

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    Plushka Plushka
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    thank you!

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