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    I posted this in the LG c8 general discussion thread and realised it should probably be posted in here. Hope it’s ok that I’m reposting.

    I recently calibrated my LG C8 using the settings below but was hoping to get better results than what I actually got. Is some able to help me?

    These are the settings I set on the C8. The calibration was done with Davinci Resolve connecting to displaycal via the network and outputing to the LG C8 via the decklink HDMI output

    profile: cinema
    contrast: 85
    OLED light: 25
    Saturation: 50
    Temperature: warm2

    I then used aiopylgtvcommand to reset the lut aiopylgtvcommand xx.xx.xx.xx upload_3d_lut_bt709 cinema

    The calibration/profile was run with the settings in the images attached. Before I ran the verification I uploaded the generated 3D LUT to my C8 using aiopylgtvcommand.

    Can someone tell me where I might have gone wrong or what I could change to improve the calibration?

    Also, if I wanted raise the black level to be 0.04nit (to match a non oled display), would I set this via the black level in the calibration tab or would I do that in the 3D lut tab using blackoutput offset?

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