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    So last week I bought this monitor replacing my Samsung 27SD590 which had perfect calibration with gamma 2.2.

    So first I disabled all auto-things in the monitor, took out my trusty ColorMunki Display and started calibrating it. I got gamma 1.8. I was like WTF? So I tried again with putting manually required gamma of 3.0 – again after the process finished I got 1.8. Super strange.

    So I started debugging: Wenth from DisplayPort to HDMI – same result. DDU-ed the nVidia driver and clean installed it – same result gamma 1.8. RGB Full / Limitred – nope. I thought maybe the ColorMunki is broken. But it wasn’t.

    Then I remembered that I was using my old Samsung overclocked from 60hz to 75hz so I decided to see how far can I go from 240hz to the LG. 250hz was the maximum. The moment I changed it from 240 to 250hz my gamma went to 2.2 at least I thought. What I noticed tho is that with 250hz the DAS function of LG that reduces latency went to OFF, so I thought that the DAS is the reason for the wrong gamma. Alas it was not really the case.

    The next day after restart I saw it was actually 2-2.05.

    And that leads to my final revelation. I changed the monitor to 144hz and voila the perfect gamma of 2.2. So this monitor can have perfect gamma 2.2 from 60-144hz. After manually going with 10hz step above it the gamma gradually goes down to 1.8 after 190hz to 240.

    All this is at my desired luminescent of 35lumens because after 35 my eyes start to hurt I don’t understand how some of you are using monitors with 120lumens it’s like sun into my eyes.

    I am kind of disappointed since all reviews are showing this monitor as capable of perfect calibration with gamma 2.2 but I guess it is at 150+ lumens which is too much for me. Because out of the box the monitor was showing gamma 2.2 but with Contrast 70 and brightness at 100. I will become blind inf 2 days using it in that manner.

    So I’ll be using it at 250hz without DAS with gamma of around 2-2.1 which is good enough for me. But have in mind that this monitor can’t have perfect calibration at 240hz with low lumens.

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