Is soft proofing for web (sRGB) needed, especially using a wide-gamut display?

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    Do we need to soft proof for sRGB, when publishing photos online, especially when we use a wider gamut display? My question targets two different directions:

    1. The issue with the lack of proper color management on some browsers, and furthermore the fact that even the browsers, which manage colors properly, usually have that option disabled, so the regular users still use them in non-color managed mode.

    2. Dealing with colors, available in a wider color space image, when going to sRGB.

    On pt. 1 which would be wiser – for web publishing to try to compensate the darker shadows and more saturated colors of the photos the way they look on a non-color managed application, on a wide-gamut monitor, or to leave them that way? On one hand most viewers should be looking on non-color managed apps, but I guess still the sRGB devices are predominant, so on their devices a sRGB photo should be actually looking fine, or not? I guess a lot of phones are already with wide-gamut screens, so not sure about that last statement. From monitor perspective I guess wider gamut monitors are still used mostly by professionals, who are expected to be using color-managed apps and browsers and should see the photos properly. So I am thorn whether to make some additional small adjustments, to boost a little the shadows and reduce the saturation a little, when publishing for web or not. Any opinions? I am wondering also, if I go the route to make those adjustments, how to proof that in Photoshop? I guess, the best way would be to use a sRGB ICC profile, so Photoshop will start to behave as it is a non-color managed?

    Pt. 2 I guess is something far more discussed in the past, and my understanding is I really need to do that proofing, if I want my photos to look on web closest to my vision on my calibrated display and color managed application. The thing is how to simulate sRGB on a wide-gamut display? At least three options come to my mind, so not sure which one would be the best: to use monitor’s sRGB menu setting, to proof in Photoshop against sRGB, or to use graphic card driver level sRGB clamping (AMD)?


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    Firefox + gfx.color_management.mode =1 should render everything on sRGB in it has no tag or uses HTML color.
    Safari is color managed.

    If you want to test on a non color managed desktop use DWMLUT, source sRGB destination custom display profile. Load LUT3D and set as display profile sRGB. That way all apps, including color managed will work as if your display was sRGB.

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