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    I’ve found a hacky workaround for the Photoshop bug:

    When creating the sRGB 2.2 Gamma profile for Embedding, adjust one of the primaries a miniscule amount that is not noticable. (ie. from 0,64 to 0,641). As long as the primaries don’t exactly match sRGB, the profile will work as intended and override the Standard sRGB Working Space.

    This is consistent with my guess  that Photoshop discards the profile because it believes they are identical. I’ve tested this using the Custom RGB tool in Photoshop so far.

    What was the PS bug again?


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    I just want to say you are an angel, thank you for continuing to ask the questions you did in the clear, concise, and calm way that you did. Vincent’s answers were similarly not understandable for me, but you managed to get this whole thing clarified. Now things are displaying properly in photoshop, thank you! Although, I do have to say, after doing the custom 2.2gamma sRGB profile as proof colors, photoshop’s blacks are slightly darker than chrome’s blacks. not entirely sure why..

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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