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    Bought pg35vq recently i wonder if its possible to Calibrate HDR mode on windows 10 for content consuming.

    up to 12bit color. 1000 nit peak brightness.

    Quantum dot display.

    I’ve already calibrated for SDR, would be nice if i can do it for HDR too.

    Just cant figure out how should i calibrate this



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    You can’t… unless you can set display to accept HDR input, turn off its internal HDR mapping to whatever that display supports, keep “on” HDR backlight, all at the same time. AFAIK no one of these consumer monitors do that.
    You are limited to factory HDR processing with minor grayscale tweaks.


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    Technically you can apply a calibration. And that’s about it.

    Most HDR screens do not actually do any special processing for in-gamut sRGB input, however Windows 10 HDR has a nasty property of scaling EDID reported gamut to fit in sRGB and not use a matrix for this conversion.
    (Reported in Feedback Hub by me, please upvote. It makes SDR desktop look super terrible on some monitors due to clipping.)

    Mind you the calibration likely won’t work properly as backlight levels are modulated by the screen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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