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    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    To fill in my backstory:

    I have a Spyder5Pro which I got for the main purpose of calibrating the gamma of my JVC projector with it’s included Autocal software.

    After doing this I started getting more into calibration, so I did color autocal on the JVC wit the Spyder and then started calibrating my computer monitors and TVs.

    Over time I found that some displays didnt give a very good calibrated result, even when I tried to pick the correct colorimeter correction mode for my Spyder5.  I had trouble with my Laptop display which is a TN panel, the result ended up super red.  I also had trouble with a friends Dell S2716DG wihch is also a TN panel.

    I also had trouble with my friend’s Sony HW50ES projector and some friend’s few year old 1080p Samungs TVs.  I was trying to only do a white balance on these with HCFR, but the Spyder read way too blue on all of these and the result ended up really yellow.

    Anyways I want to take my calibration to the next level, so I got an i1 Pro 2 Rev E.  My plan now will be to create colorimeter corrections for my Spyder5 for each display that I am calibrating.  Should I stick with CCSS only or should I also try CCMX?

    Should I try calibrating any of my displays fully with the i1 Pro 2 alone?  I know it will be slower, but will be be more or less accurate than using it to correct my Spyder5?  What if I just want to do a on-display white balance calibration with gain+offset with HCFR.  Should I just use the i1 Pro 2 alone for that?

    My final and main question is, should I get a better colorimeter?  I was eying a i1D3.  If you think it’s worth getting an i1D3, should I just get a ColorMunki Photo?  I understand it’s the same hardware (same accuracy)?  But it’s slower?

    If I plan on creating 3DLUTs for madVR for projectors and possibly TVs is it worth getting the i1D3 Pro over the ColorMunki due to the increased speed?

    Feel free to offer me any advice or link me any reading I should do based on my backstory and what I am aiming to do going forward.  I am quick to learn, but I am pretty new to all of this.  I am sure I will be back with further questions as I start working on all of this.


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    Vincent (@vincent)
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    If you plan to stay with a Spyder5 I would trust spectro readings as the only reference so CCMX @3nm for your measurements with your colorimeter.
    But it will be nice if you make CCSS and upload that CCSS to community so other people can use that “portable” correction for those display models.

    Also you must know that some laser projectors (blue / double spike blue laser + yellow phosphor) may have a very narrow spectral power distribution in blue zone, so even an i1pro2 may have trouble reading it @3nm high resolution mode (argyll driver)… or maybe your own eyes can have a significative different response in that zone to standard observer… so maybe you have to do some “visual white point” correction

    Regarding spectro, my personal preference would be an i1pro2 (printer profilling… but your needs seems to be different). Maybe you can get a discount now that i1Pro3plus has been announced.

    Regarding i1displaypro vs munki display for common display or laptop calibration at medium speed, most people would say that it does not matter what you choose if you use DisplayCAL.
    But if you plan to get a TV/monitor with HW calibration in a few years, get the i1dispalypro since colromunkidisplays are not supported by vendor software for this task. Also if you plan to make LUT3D from a huge amount of patches (thousands), get the fast one.

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    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    Thanks for the info Vincent.

    Yes I got a good discount on a new open box i1Pro2 in eBay for like $450.

    It turns out it’s the version that has a UV Cut filter in place and no diffuser included. It is my understanding the UV Cut filter has no affect on display readings as we only care about visible light.

    This means I will always have to take my projector readings from the screen and not from the lens, but from what I understand about projector calibration, reading from the screen is the primary and preferred way anyways.

    I was trying the i1Pro2 in DisplayCAL a bit lat night, but I don’t think I could get HiRes mode working. When I selected HiRes mode and started calibration or started colorimeter correction measurement, it would just quit back to the main DisplayCAL window when I pressed the start measurement button on the bottom of the measurement window.

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or how to troubleshoot this.


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    When I selected HiRes mode and started calibration or started colorimeter correction measurement, it would just quit back to the main DisplayCAL window when I pressed the start measurement button on the bottom of the measurement window.

    No error message? Look at the logs.


    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    No error message? Look at the logs.

    Yeah, I found it odd too that there was no error message.

    I will try again tonight after work and look at my logs and report back.

    I can take a video of the behavior I am seeing as well.

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    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    OK, here is the log.

    I picked “LCD (generic) HiRes” for Mode.  If I pick any of the modes that don’t say HiRes, things proceed as normal.

    Not sure if there is another relevant log you need.

    2019-07-31 17:08:00,032 ================================================================================
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,033 DisplayCAL.exe 2019-07-02T21:12:20.498Z
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,036 Windows 10 Pro Version 1809 Build 17763.615 x86_64
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,036 Python 2.7.16 (v2.7.16:413a49145e, Mar  4 2019, 01:30:55) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)]
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,036 CA file C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayCAL\cacert.pem
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,036 Faulthandler 3.2
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,184 Imported existing <module 'comtypes.gen' from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayCAL\lib\\comtypes\gen\__init__.pyc'>
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,187 Using writeable comtypes cache directory: 'c:\users\nick\appdata\local\temp\comtypes_cache\DisplayCAL-27'
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,190 wxPython 4.0.6 msw (phoenix) wxWidgets 3.0.5
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,190 Encoding: cp437
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,190 File system encoding: mbcs
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,302 Starting up...
    2019-07-31 17:08:00,418 Audio module: pyglet 1.2.2
    2019-07-31 17:08:02,043 Enumerating display devices and communication ports...
    2019-07-31 17:08:02,045 C:\Users\nick\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\dl\Argyll_V2.1.1\bin
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,150 ArgyllCMS 2.1.1
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,150 Argyll has virtual display support
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,151 ...ok.
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,283 Checking video card gamma table access for display 1...
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,408 Verify: '' IS loaded (discrepancy 0.0%)
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,446 ...ok.
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,446 Checking video card gamma table access for display 2...
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,563 Verify: '' IS loaded (discrepancy 0.0%)
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,602 ...ok.
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,602 Checking video card gamma table access for display 3...
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,732 Verify: '' IS loaded (discrepancy 0.0%)
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,766 ...ok.
    2019-07-31 17:08:04,766 Initializing GUI...
    2019-07-31 17:08:05,035
    2019-07-31 17:08:05,582 Ignoring C:\Users\nick\AppData\Roaming\color\necpa242w_full.ccss
    2019-07-31 17:08:06,140 ...ok.
    2019-07-31 17:08:06,141 Ready.
    2019-07-31 17:08:06,398 Setting up scripting host at
    2019-07-31 17:08:06,448 Check for application update...
    2019-07-31 17:08:06,726 DisplayCAL is up-to-date.
    2019-07-31 17:08:07,006 ArgyllCMS is up-to-date.
    2019-07-31 17:08:47,319 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2019-07-31 17:08:47,319 Calibrate & profile
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,170 Detecting output levels range...
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,173 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,173 Session log: 0_16
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,173
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,173 Working directory:
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,173   c:\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,174    users\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,174     nick\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,174      appdata\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,174       local\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,176        temp\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,176         DisplayCAL-m85myu\
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,176
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177 Command line:
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177   C:\Users\nick\AppData\Roaming\DisplayCAL\dl\Argyll_V2.1.1\bin\dispread.exe
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     -v
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     -k
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     "C:\Program Files (x86)\DisplayCAL\"
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     -d1
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     -c1
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,177     -yl
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,178     -YA
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,178     "-P0.5,0.5,50.0"
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,178     -H
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,180     0_16
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,180
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,451 DisplayCAL: Starting interaction with subprocess
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,453 Number of patches = 3
    2019-07-31 17:08:48,453 Setting up the instrument
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,154 Instrument Type:   X-Rite i1 Pro 2
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,154 Serial Number:     1067562
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,155 Firmware version:  634
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,155 CPLD version:      999
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,155 Chip ID:           01-d7483318000004
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Date manufactured: 20-16-522
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 U.V. filter ?:     Yes
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Measure Ambient ?: No
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Tot. Measurement Count:           1481
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Remission Spot Count:             0
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Remission Scan Count:             0
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Date of last Remission spot cal:  Wed Dec 31 18:00:00 1969
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,157 Remission Spot Count at last cal: 0
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,161 Total lamp usage:                 0.000000
    2019-07-31 17:08:49,163 Display type ignored - instrument doesn't support display type selection
    2019-07-31 17:08:50,801 DisplayCAL: Reached EOF (OK)
    2019-07-31 17:08:50,802 ...aborted.
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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 1 day ago by  SirMaster.

    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    It seems like dispread just exits.

    Please enable ArgyllCMS diagnostic output in the options menu and try again. Then, save & attach (do not paste) the log file to your post.


    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    Attached should be fresh start logs of just opening DisplayCAL and trying to start a calibration with the i1Pro2 in HiRes mode.

    I tried 2 different computers as well, my desktop and my laptop, both seem to have the same issue.

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    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    Does the i1Pro2 work with HCFR or the vendor software? If so, please contact Graeme Gill ( and send him the DisplayCAL.log from the ZIP file.


    SirMaster (@sirmasterboy)
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    Does the i1Pro2 work with HCFR or the vendor software? If so, please contact Graeme Gill ( and send him the DisplayCAL.log from the ZIP file.

    I have great news!

    I sent the logs to Graeme Gill and he was able to reproduce the crash with some trickery and found a typo in the source code.  He gave me some new test binaries, I dropped them into the DisplayCAL Argyll_V2.1.1\bin folder and low and behold it works!

    Now when I use my i1 Pro 2 it asks me to put it on my white tile first.  Previously it asked me to put it on black (which was i1 Pro legacy mode).  Also HiRes mode works!  I made a new .CCSS and can confirm it has all 109 spectral bands inside the file now.

    I am so happy!

    It still wont work with HCFR, but i heard other people with new i1 Pro 2 Rev E also have that problem, even the non UV Cut versions unlike me have trouble.  Apparently it’s because HCFR uses a built-in ArgyII driver below version 2.0 and the HCFR dev has been MIA for some time.  He apparently needs to update the ArgyII into a new HCFR build before my meter will work.  It’s not a huge deal as I just use my i1D3 trained to my i1 Pro 2 in HCFR anyways.

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    Michaelpaica (@michaelpaica)
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    I remember the old days Im still out tearing shit up on the regular. This summer I wheeled more than I had in the last 3 years combined. I get on my laptop later Ill post some current photos


    Florian Höch (@fhoech)
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    Michaelpaica above is apparently either high as a kite, a spammer, or a bot. I removed their posting ability for the time being.

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