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    I own a MSI Optix MAG274QRF-QD monitor, and read about applying an HDR Lut with the app DwmLutGUI.

    I created a normal  ICC profile with Displaycal in SDR (6500k and 120cd/m2) and converted it to a 3DLut with Display’s CAL 3DLut creator. With the attached options.

    But I’m not sure that I’m doing the correct procedure. But at least when I apply it with DwmLutGUI doesn’t look too bad.

    I also try to make a 3Dlut directly with DisplayCAL, but with this options calibrating in HDR mode, when I apply the 3dLut to DwmLutGUI the color is completely broken and is very dark. ( I’m attaching a snapshot with the options I selected, maybe I don’t have to calibrate with HDR on or something similar ).

    This is only for gaming (nothing professional), trying only to get something more from the HDR mode of my monitor which I think that is really bad by default.

    Thanks in advance.

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