#24553 (Bug) When Audio/Sound fails to play, DisplayCal issues segfault

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by Roger

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When audio/sound fails to play, DisplayCal issues a segfault.

ALSA, on my Linux OS computer here, pipes audio from Linux OS applications through SPDIF/TosLink to a connected 5.1 stereo receiver player.  There is sometimes a delay prior to playing audio/sound using SPDIF/Toslink.  Others are also likely connected via HDMI, but likely do not experience a delay, as the delay might be incurred due to a typical optical fiber optic transmission/communication protocol.

There are tick boxes within the DisplayCal application for disabling audio sounds from playing, mainly the end of calibration sound, while the Menu Bar > Options only disables start-up sound.  There should be a main option for disabling sound overall.  However, this only works around those having problems with playing sound/audio overall and not the segfault or crash upon the reliance of DisplayCal requiring sound playback for processing the next CPU instruction.

If there’s further interest and/or if needed, I can submit the segfault log and/or gdb log output after a future recaliberation using a X-Rite i1Display Pro device.

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