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Force-sensor-position-in-software option

I own a device recognized as “ColorMunki Design/Photo, i1Studio” in DisplayCAL I’m using Debian 10.

When I start “Calibrate & profile” -> “Start measurement” I am prompted with this message: “Set the ColorMunki sensor to self-calibration position and press OK to calibrate the instrument.” along with device name and serial number. It gives me two options: “OK” and “Cancel”. However, when I set the sensor to the correct position and press OK it prompts me again. The ColorMunki fails to detect the shift in sensor position.

I have the same issue when using the original software “i1Studio” software (on Windows 10): “Error occurred – Wrong Sensor Position”. This software also provides a image showing the sensor position. When I try to change position, the image on the screen clearly indicate that there is a mismatch between the actual sensor position and the position recognized by the software. When I change the position, the software have a hard time recognizing the actual sensor position. It also fails to recognize the calibration position, which prevents instrument calibration. Sometimes it fails to recognize that I shifted from calibration position to surface position.

After searching the internet i find a someone with the same problem. (https://www.printerknowledge.com/threads/colormunki-photo-repair.10986/page-2) The device most likely use an IR sensor to detect the sensors position. A user in this forum fixed the device by adding aluminum foil to the reflectors, thus amplifying the IR return signal.

The ColorMunki Photo is an rather expensive device and I would like to avoid any risk of (completely) bricking it. The problem seems to be the position sensors only. Would it be possible to add an option where the user manually set the sensor position in the software? Or when the user is prompted to shift to calibration position, the user could choose something like “Force calibration” (Even though the software thinks the sensor is in another position.)

Thanks in advance!

############## Log messages #####
This is a subset of the log messages.

# Error message when it fail to recognize calibration position:

11:05:17,757 Set instrument sensor to calibration position,
11:05:17,758 and then hit any key to continue,
11:05:17,762 DisplayCAL: Waiting for send buffer
11:05:17,764 DisplayCAL: Detected instrument calibration message
11:05:17,764 DisplayCAL: Prompting to calibrate instrument
11:05:18,018 DisplayCAL: About to calibrate instrument
11:05:18,063 DisplayCAL: Sending buffer: ‘ ‘
11:05:18,115 or hit Esc or Q to abort:

# GUI-message: “Set the Colormunki sensor to self-calibration position and press OK to calibrate the instrument.”


11:02:58,670 Spot read failed due to the sensor being in the wrong position
11:02:58,671 (Sensor should be in surface position)
11:02:58,677 DisplayCAL: Waiting for send buffer
11:02:58,683 DisplayCAL: Detected read failed due to wrong sensor position
11:02:58,684 DisplayCAL: Prompting to reposition instrument sensor
11:02:59,630 DisplayCAL: Sending buffer: ‘ ‘
11:02:59,682 Correct position then hit Esc or Q to give up, any other key to retry:

# GUI-message: “The measurement failed because the instrument sensor is in the wrong position. Please correct the sensor position, then click OK to continue.”


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