#23439 (Bug) graphics drivers or hardware do not support loadable gamma ramps or calibration

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Component: DisplayCAL
Created by RogerP

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Computer – Windows Desktop with NVIDIA GeForce 1050 graphics card. Windows 10 64bit

I have been running with an old version of DisplayCAL which has been working fine. I updated the version to the other day and updated the ArgyllCMS to version V2.1.2 as well. I now get a message “Your graphics drivers or hardware do not support loadable gamma ramps or calibration. You may need to update your device drivers. ” and cannot calibrate anymore.

I have updated the NVIDIA driver to the latest version ( and with help  from the NVIDIA team did a clean install and checked the spec etc. after this did not solve the problem. They have confirmed that there should be no problem with loading a Gamma Table or Calibrating on the 1050.

There is a post on the forum on this subject which recommends various restarts etc, but this has not worked.

I posted a request on the forum for a legacy version of DisplayCAL, so I could roll back the version, but no response as yet. The only version I have been able to get hold of is and when I have uninstalled the update and installed this version using the latest ArgyllCMS everything works again. So I believe there is an issue between my system and the latest update.

I have included a log file from both the update and the working version (

DisplayCAL-log (text/plain | 2020-03-03 18:19:30)
DisplayCAL-log-2020-03-02 (text/plain | 2020-03-03 18:19:30)

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