#19748 (Bug) Handles leak.

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Component: Windows 10 1903 | Milestone: 3.8.6
Created by Rentard

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That many handles were leaked after one or two days uptime. I uninstalled, deleted all the files, reinstalled, and the handles are still rising rapidly.

logs+handles screenshot (application/x-rar | 2019-08-25 13:04:04)

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  1. After a bit of investigation, the handles leaked are registry key handles, and I tracked the leakage down to the Windows Color System function WcsGetUsePerUserProfiles (WcsSetUsePerUserProfiles is also affected), which is very annoying because it leaks internally so there is nothing I can do to get at the leak – it needs to be fixed in Windows itself. You can also easily reproduce it with Windows own Color Management Settings (colorcpl.exe) – just switch tabs or devices, and the open registry key handles will go up and up. I’m pretty sure this is a new problem introduced in Windows 10 with the 1903 (May) update or one of the following Windows updates (I’m really baffled at what a seemingly never-ending shitshow the 1903 update looks to be).

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