#16393 (Bug) DisplayCal 3 Calibration won’t start: Interactive Display Adjustment box disappears

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Component: ArgyllCMS 2.0.1
Created by Jim Spadoni

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Hi support

Recently updated to Mac OS 10.14.3 and now can’t complete calibration of iMac 27″ retina monitor or create a 3D LUT for external monitor with Resolve (as per the Wiki).  I have done both of these about 2 months ago with i1 Display Pro and DisplayCal 3.7.2 and Argyll 2.0.1 and they worked perfectly.

Now, when I hit Calibrate and Profile, I get the “measurement area” screen . When I click on Start Measurement, the Interactive Display Adjustment window opens and then almost immediately disappears.  I’ve search the forums and other online sources, but can’t find an answer. Please advise.

I’ve attached the recent log session files from my user library.  Thanks for your help!

DisplayCAL (application/zip | 2019-03-18 23:18:00)

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  1. Please create ZIP archives of /Library/Application Support/ArgyllCMS and /Users/<Your Username>/Library/Application Support/ArgyllCMS and attach them to the ticket. Then delete these two directories (keep the ZIP archives). Does it work? If you re-import colorimeter corrections (menu Tools -> Correction -> Import from other software -> Auto), does it still work?

  2. hi Florian

    Even though I only had an ArgyllCMS folder in my user Library>App Support folder, deleting that folder and restarting DisplayCal and re=importing the colorimeter fixed the issue. DisplayCal 3 is working as before in iMac retina calibration and in creating 3D LUT for Resolve.  thank-you again for your help.  Jim   Please close this ticket.

  3. HI, I am having the same issue.

    I successfully used DisplayCAL back in February using the instruction in a Photography Life article. I updated the app to 3.8.2 and downloaded lasted Argyll files., 2.1.1. Now have the same issue you described above. (using 2107 27″ iMac 5K, Mojave)

    I deleted the DisplayCAL app support folder as you suggested.

    The Interactive Display Adjustment comes up but the start measurement box is greyed out and can not be picked. After a 2-3 seconds, a message comes up in the middle of it (setting up instrument…)and then the Adjustment box closes and I’m back to the DisplayCAL app home/set up window.

    Using default gamma 2.2 settings and default testchart.

    Using MacBook Pro retina 2016  correction as the previous imac-imacpro.ccss correction is apparently now broken (Got this through Photography Life site)

    Someone in the comments section of the Photographic Life mentioned using a different correction file than iMac-imacpro.ccss. It was called “LCD White LED IPS (Apple Retina iMac 5K (i1Pro HighRes)) ” but I have no idea where to find it.

    Thanks for any help , Maris

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