#13290 (Enhancement) Profile Reloads Unnecessarily

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.6.1
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Basically the same as #11913, but on two of my devices using the latest version of DisplayCAL on Win 10 1803 with Intel HD 520, the calibration profile gets reloaded (I mean turning uncalibrated for a second and then coming back) even when I plug in or remove a wireless mouse receiver, a headphone, or when I enable or disable bluetooth (which comes with an internal Intel wireless adapter).

There are also some cases that make it happen without a hardware change, although right now I find it difficult to capture the change, because they seem random to me. I would like to point out that the Profile Loader does reload for hundreds of times a day, most usually they are smooth and it seems only the icon has had an animation, but I saw a small number of uncalibrated frames occationally.

The above never happened on Win 10 1709 or earlier versions.

So, my questions are:

  1. For what reason it is recognized as “not a bug”?
  2. What supporting information may I provide you, apart from the attached report of DisplayCAL Profile Loader? Just suppose I have some difficulty finding what software change has caused the reloading.
  3. Is it possible to find out the reason why the Profile Loader behaves differently on Win 10 1803 and on earlier versions?


logs (application/zip | 2018-08-23 16:29:03)

3 comments on “Profile Reloads Unnecessarily”

    1. Because it isn’t a DisplayCAL bug. The calibration unloading is caused by another component (likely Intel graphics driver related), not the profile loader. You can check this yourself: Quit the loader, then do something that unloads the calibration. Obviously because the loader is not running, it won’t be restored. Note also that this problem only exists on specific system configurations, see https://hub.displaycal.net/forums/topic/loader-unloads-and-reloads-about-5000x-a-day-normal/
    2. As the problem isn’t DisplayCAL-related, there’s nothing I can do about it. Your best bet is contacting Intel support if it turns out to be their graphics driver.
    3. Likely an Intel graphics driver update, not related to Windows itself (running nVidia here, no issue, AMD seems to be fine too).
  1. Just wanted to add some related info on this one. I have been running 3.6.1, and just updated to 3.6.2. I’m on the latest Windows 10 updates, and have a GeForce 1080 GTX Founders edition (ASUS flavor). I have noticed the reloads are excessive, and today I glanced down and saw it has reloaded over 10,000 times just today (it’s 10:30 AM EST). After the update, about 5 minutes ago, it’s up to 178 profile reloads.

    I’m going to try and find any options in the nVidia drivers that might be messing with the profiles, but the little spinner notification seems to spin about once a second… seriously! I’ll also try the advice in the other thread, although I don’t want to compromise any quality of the profiles across my monitors. 🙂

    Also, many thanks on such a great tool!

  2. Just a quick update: In the NVIDIA display control panel, for desktop color settings, and video color settings, the “other applications control color settings” option is set (rather than the “Use NVIDIA settings” option)

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