#10861 (Bug) No Icons shown in ALT-TAB and Panel.

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Component: DisplayCAL 3.5 | Milestone: 3.5.2
Created by romplx

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XFCE4 under Ubuntu 16.04,  Displaycal 3.5

no icons

not shure what’s going on, the icons are definitely in their place in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/<size>/apps

For example Profile information and Curve Viewer also do not show icons…

4 thoughts on “No Icons shown in ALT-TAB and Panel.”

  1. no, does not help.

    I updated the iconcache twice, rebooted….

    Have also  tried in openbox as well, it does not show icons…

    1. It works fine for me, so it has to be something on your system. Are the icons even installed? Where did the installation come from?

    2. This should be fixed in DisplayCAL 3.5.2. I’m still not sure why only XFCE (and OpenBox?) were affected, Gnome and KDE probably determine the icon from the executable name (or desktop file?) instead of relying on the app to set its own icon.

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