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    Possibly a simple question, possibly not…

    I’m currently using the Windows 7 version of Eye One Match 3 with a Gretag-Macbeth Eye One Display 2. I install the profile generated, as well as the general calibration process tweaking the monitor RGB output, to improve Windows colour generally (as I understand it) and then specific software uses the profile properly to handle more precise colour management – in my case the Corel suite, for output to print.

    I’m planning to move to a dual-boot with Linux Mint 17.3 and I see that I can use DisplayCAL on both Windows and Mint. The obvious thing I want to know is if the two versions of DisplayCAL, plus the likely very different internal colour handling in Windows and Linux, will lead to me being unable to have a fit-and-forget profile on both OSs concurrently.

    What I mean by that is: the calibration process (if DisplayCAL is any way analogous to Eye One Match) involves tweaking the monitor RGB output for best fit to the profile I prefer. If I enter the other OS, is that then required to be redone, within the precision limits of the Display 2? Or to ask another way, are Windows and Linux outputting colour to the exact same standard? And if so, does that then imply that a profile correctly created in Windows (with, and installed with DisplayCAL) is directly usable in Linux without recalibration on the same monitor, with the same results?

    Logically I assume yes, but I imagine, given the complexity of colour handling that there’s a gotcha somewhere.


    Florian Höch
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    You can share the profile between both systems.

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